Top 5 Horse Racing Festival In Tibet.

Top 5 Horse Racing Festival In Tibet -

If you are not familiar with Tibet geography or confused among all places that different Tibet Tour Operators offer Tibet tour package, you need to understand difference between Tibet and Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). For most westerners, Tibet means Tibetan Plateau that encompasses three regions of Tibet: Central (U-Tsang), Kham and Amdo. However, for China, Tibet means areas under Tibet Autonomous Region.

Top 5 Horse Racing festival

Conscious Journeys has identified 5 Top Horse Racing held in Tibet. Horse Racing is one of the most distinguishing festival in Tibet. We recommend you to include any of these Horse racing festival in your Tibet tour as well. Horse racing is a much-loved pastime across the globe with many indulging frequently in the sport. Of course, gambling on the outcome of races is very popular, but it would always be preferable if you check out advice for some Professional Horse Racing Tips first, if you’re happy with your tips and given information on who could possibly win the next race, if you’re willing enough to place some money on said horse you could do so with the help of sites like 토토사이트 and others. However, if you aren’t a fan of horse racing, there are many other small religious festivals that you might be interested in. It will greatly benefit you to request a customized tour for a truly an authentic Tibet travel experienced led by the best Tibetan guide. Tibet is know for monasticism. After all, visiting Tibet is a once a lifetime trip opportunity for most people and you want to research and prepare ahead of time so you know what to ask to include in your itinerary with a Tibet travel agency.

1. Lithang Horse Racing Festival

Lithang Horse Racing -

Lithang Horse Racing is one of the most popular holiday celebrated festival among the locals and for the tourists from the world. Lithang Horse Racing is not only a horse racing but a trade season since all the people from the eastern part of Tibet will come to enjoy the event. Traditional Tibetan festival held on from August 1 to August 7 every year in Litang County, Sichuan province. People from the different parts of eastern Tibet will lavishly enjoy the competition and young skilled horse racer will show their skills. Tibetan authentic circle dance will also be held and people will dance, sing and even the fashion shows will be held.

2. Ngaqu Horse Racing Festival

Nagchu Horse Racing -

Ngachu horse racing festival is one of the grandest festivals in the northern parts of Tibet. Festival is holding on the 10th Aug of every year, stunning and perfect weather combination. The festival will last to 3-7 days regarding to the numbers of participants in the event. Participants are hungrily waiting the even to me commence. There is sense of thrill and excitement on the participant’s face and joys on the local people. Herdsmen from near and far will set up their tents all around the wide and magnificent grassland with colorful prayer flags. The vast empty grassland would convert into a very attractive and spellbinding even site. There are few activities would be taken place during the festival apart from horse racing namely: yak racing, Tibetan typical traditional dance and songs and tugs of war. Participants will display their ever best skill and style during the even.

3. Gyantse Horse racing Festival

Gyantse Horse Racing -

Horse Racing Festival is one of the most authentic festival in Tibet and different parts of provinces will held horse racing festival every year according to their tradition. Horse Racing Festival will commence with religious ritual by lamas. Gyantse Horse Racing is one of the most popular horse racing around the Tibetan Autonomous Regions (TAR). Horse Racing Festival is not merely about the horse racing, there will be held many other more events like tug of wars, yak racing, dancing and singing, trading, gathering and many more.

4. Yushu Horse Racing Festival

 Yushu Horse Racing Festival -

Yushu is Located in a remote site in southern Qinghai province on the northern Tibetan Plateau. Yushu horse racing festival is one of the famous traditional events in Tibet and this festival is holds on the 25th July of each year. Beautiful colorful traditional tents are set up on the wide grassy racing grounds. Thousands of people came to enjoy the horsemanship skills. Tibetan from the different regions will come to the festival with their traditional dances and songs. Tibetan fashion show is also hosting during the event. The festival will keep you so engaged with local authentic festival and will give you a lifetime memory.

5. Machu Horse racing Festival

Machu Horse Racing -

Machu is located in the southeast end of Amdo and people around there still practice the traditional lifestyle which means many of locals still living in tents and living plateau authentic nomadic life. Machu Horse Racing Festival is also one of the most popular festival around these regions. People will come in their best dresses, they will perform dances, sing songs and many other events are also held during the festival. Some time the festival is also called as Gesar Horse Racing Festival. The horse-racing include Classic & Professional Competition during festival and the winner will be handsomely rewarded.

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