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Service Journeys

If you are a health professional, an adventurist or a student looking to make a difference while traveling, this journey is for you! Enjoy a balanced blend of cultural immersion and volunteer excursions to Tibet by staying with Tibetan families and volunteering in the local communities.

Tibet Service Journeys

Volunteers are invited to explore service opportunities in Tibet. Conscious Journeys offers a balanced blend of cultural immersion, sustainable travel and volunteerism excursions to Tibet for volunteers such as doctors, nurses, dentists, adventurists and students. Volunteer activities include building greenhouses and working on community-based tourism projects like building hiking trails, constructing waste bins, offering project site clean ups and ‘Leave No Trace’ environmental ethics training. We organize small group journeys for about two weeks between May and October each year. Volunteers cover their own travel costs and expenses for the project, which can be raised through crowdfunding, grant applications and hosting fundraising parties. Contact us today to learn more.

Volunteer Activities

Dental Mission
Are you a dentist, orthopedic surgeon or dental hygienist with a passion for traveling to improve the lives of others? If so, you are invited to participate in our annual dental mission to Tibet for about two weeks between April and October. We have been working with several dental service organizations such as Free to Smile and Kindness in Action who conduct an annual dental mission to Kham, eastern Tibet. Our team of 5-8 persons consists of dentists, orthopedic surgeons, dental hygienists, and support personnel. During each visit, we treated 125 to 175 patients through a local clinic and offer a dental camp in a Tibetan village.
Water & Sanitation
We work with individual volunteers and service organizations such as the Rotary Club to design and implement water and sanitation related projects. For example, the Rotary Club from the United States, Australia and China delivered clean drinking water, installed water filters and built waste management facilities in three different villages. Other volunteer activities include projects such as building greenhouses and working on community-based tourism projects like building hiking trails, offering project site clean ups and ‘Leave No Trace’ environmental ethics training.
Student Led Initiatives
Are you a high school or a university student who aspires to engage in responsible global citizenship? Are you ready to connect your classroom learning to experiences in the real world? Do you believe helping others enriches your experience? If so, Conscious Journeys invites you to explore our Service Journey program to Tibet. Since 2010, we have been hosting high school students from Students Shoulder to Shoulder (SStS), who worked on a variety of projects. These projects included improving the infrastructure of an orphanage such as a shower house and a courtyard and improving the kitchen sanitation in local communities. We work with several universities including San Juan College, whose students installed solar panels on a medical clinic and monastery, UC Berkeley and Stanford University students designed and installed water filters, and UCLA students helped with health and hygiene projects and made short films to inspire others.

Tibet Service Trip…Customized Just For You

Is this not quite what you are looking for?

Conscious Journeys offers an incredible range of experiences with customized trips for everyone. Volunteers can join us on one of the featured journeys or create a customized journey that caters to both their own interest and the needs of the communities inside Tibet. To learn more, fill out this Tailor Made Journey inquiry form today.


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