March 2018
Mount Kailash
Kailash Pilgrimage Spiritual Valley Discover the spiritual transcendence of Tibet’s sacred places and the rich cultural heritage of Tibetan Buddhism. Whether you are part of a dharma center or a meditation group or simply exploring your own path to spirituality, embark with us on a special Spiritual Kailash Pilgrimage to Tibet. Mt. Kailash is year-round...
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Sky Burial in Tibet
Sky Burial in Tibet Sky Burial in general Sky Burial is a funeral practice performed by the Buddhist with a human corpse that is placed on a mountaintop to feed the vultures. Being as human, we need to understand the basic process of a human life cycle, once you were born, you are meant to...
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Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff of Plateau Home of a unique Breed- Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Plateau is the highest world regions with harsh and severe weather condition. Many animals face difficulty to survive in such environment and such environments are for the strongest. And this is a place where you will find the most ancient breed dog called...
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