December 2017
Top 10 Things to Do in Amdo, Tibet
Tibet is combination of three provinces; Utsang, Kham and Amdo. Amdo is located in the northeastern parts of Tibetan Plateau. Amdo is known for their scholastic endeavors in literacy and monastic field. Many scholars and lamas were born in Amdo regions which make it special and holy. 14th Dalai lama and 10th panchen lama were...
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Top 5 Horse Racing Festival In Tibet -
If you are not familiar with Tibet geography or confused among all places that different Tibet Tour Operators offer Tibet tour package, you need to understand difference between Tibet and Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). For most westerners, Tibet means Tibetan Plateau that encompasses three regions of Tibet: Central (U-Tsang), Kham and Amdo. However, for China,...
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10 Top Things to Do in Kham, Tibet
Tibet is divided into three provinces namely Utsang, Kham and Amdo. Kham is located in the eastern and southeastern parts of Tibet. Kham is widely know as Chushi Gangdruk which means 4 rivers and 6 ranges. Kampas are known as bravest and giantest people in Tibet. There are only few big towns in Kham and...
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