Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff of Plateau

Home of a unique Breed- Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Plateau is the highest world regions with harsh and severe weather condition. Many animals face difficulty to survive in such environment and such environments are for the strongest. And this is a place where you will find the most ancient breed dog called Tibetan Mastiff. This is a type of dog who do not find troubles but they don’t let any strangers cross their boundary. Tibetan Mastiff is living on a plateau with more than 3,000meters above the sea levels and is the largest dog on the planet.

A lifespan of a Tibetan Mastiff and Weight. And what they eat!

Tibetan Mastiff dogs live around 10-15 years and they are more like African lions in its physical appearance. The Native mastiff dogs usually weigh around 50-90 Kg and they normally eat bones, meats, Tsampa and Thukpa. Female mastiff will normally ovulate once in a year and it’s very difficult to find the purest breed due to many reasons and the cost for a pure Tibetan Mastiff breed dog will hit up to 500,000 yuan.

2- Types of Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is a type of dog that is quite different from the other dogs that can be found on Tibetan Plateau. There are two types of Tibetan Mastiff (1. Drok-Kyi and 2. Tsang Khyi). In Tibet, its called as Drok-Khyi. Drok-Khyi means Nomad dog. Tsang Khyi means dog from the Tsang regions of Tibet. The structure of this particular dog is very giant with massive fur or heavy coat. Many of them are portrait as a wrinkled face with hanging skins and that can be scared you when you encounter one and dare not to go near and pat as a normal domestic pet dog. Tibetan mastiff is also a domestic pet dog yet rarely find in any other places around the world but in Tibet and Himalayan regions and practically raised by the nomads as their guardian of their livestock and tents. These Tibetan mastiffs are collared with a red yak fur in order to identify them from the distance and from the big giant animals like wolves and bears and lions.

Functions of Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are normally tightened during the daytime and little loosen during the night time. These dogs are alert during the evening, night, midnight and early morning. During the daytime, they are more sort of relaxing and napping. Tibetan mastiff is a very independent guardian rather than a well-trained dog and they work on their own. When the whole family is sleeping, this dog will act as an independent guardian and protect the flocks and property of the family. Tibetan mastiff dog is much stronger than the normal dogs and on an addition to its physical structures, they got more guts than any other dogs. Tibetan Mastiff is known for its Loyalty and used as a nomad dog for thousands of years and even these days nomads in Tibet still raising the dog.This dog is more like family oriented. They look fierce but they are very obedient and friendly with family members. Though the Tibetan mastiff dogs are raising by the Tibetan nomads in Tibet yet the functions of the original breeds are decreasing since the numbers of the wolves, bears, snow leopard and all the other wildlife in the mountains are extinguishing. Yet these days they are still functioning as guardian.

Why is Tibetan Mastiff unique?

Tibetan Mastiff has got the ability to survive during the harshest weather conditions that make them the world’s rarest dog breeds. When you see the mastiff dogs on the plateau, they are mostly tightened in the yard and we will feel they have no much use in real sense yet for those nomads and Mastiff owners, this mastiff places a very significant role in their daily lifestyle and act as a guardian for their livestock and property of the respective family.


Do they survive when they are brought to other countries?

When the Tibetan mastiffs are migrated from Plateau to other places, many of these dogs are facing challenges like skin problems, shorter-lifespan, and any other different problems such as pancreatitis which can be a serious problem if not treated properly (you can Click here for information on what to do if your dog does become ill). But yes, places like the US, Mexico can manage to raise Tibetan Mastiff under a specific environment and with the care of Dog professionals. If you would like to see.

If you would like to see Tibetan Mastiff then take our Scared Journey Tour and you will get chance to click photos with pure Tibetan Mastiff on the plateau.

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