Tibet Travel Permit

tibet travel permit

Tibet Travel Permit

Considering that Tibet as a particular region in China, overseas tourists must require Tibet Permits to see Lhasa, Shigatse and other areas of Tibet, Together with passport and legitimate Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa. Nearly all popular tourist destinations will require some sort of visa, ranging from a DS 160 visa to a V2013 E Form as well as many others. It’s important to be honest on your visa form as lying could forbid you from entering that country.
Tibet Permits has existed since the 1980s when Tibet initially opened its door to overseas tourists.

Approximately 5-7 days prior to the excursion, Tibet (entrance) permit will be issued for a Tibet tour operator.
Afterward, your tour operator will ship you the Permit based on the way you enter.
Tibet Travel Permits (TTP) are needed for all travelers wanting to see open tourist regions of Tibet and you’ll have to demonstrate the permit through airports, bus or train stations.

Once you have your Chinese visa, you will need to send a copy of your passport and visa to us as we coordinate your trip. We will apply for this permit through the Tibet Tourism Bureau. As before there is no problem getting Tibet Permit for the year 2018.

What is Tibet Permit or Tibet Visa?

Tibet Travel Permit is a travel permit issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau(TTB) under the law of People’s Republic of China and its also known as Tibet Visa, on an addition of China visa. Any foreign citizen who is planning to tour Tibetan Autonomous Regions (TAR) is mandatory to have Tibet permit. Without Tibet Permit, no foreign traveler can enter Lhasa via train or flight. Chinese Visa is different from Tibet Visa, In addition to Chinese Visa, you will need Tibet Visa to enter Lhasa and any other places in TAR. If you are visiting unopened areas in TAR then you will need to get Alien’s Permit from the local Police(Public Security Bureau) PSB and you can apply for this permit on arrival. There is another permit called Military Permit which applies when you entering military sensitive areas in Tibet. And you will need to apply for the Military permit along the Tibet Permit from Military Office in Lhasa. Tibet Group Visa is needed when you are entering Lhasa from Nepal.

How Much does a permit cost?

Tibet Permit is free, yet its not free since you will need to book a tour to enter Lhasa and the local travel agent will need to apply for Tibet Permit on your behalf and there are few paper works need to be carried out and they will need around 15 days to get done your permit and any travel agent charge minimum fee. if you enter unopened areas in TAR then you will need to pay RMB 50 per person and if you enter military sensitive areas in TAR then you will need to pay RMB 100 per person. Tibet Group fee is different from nation to nation.

Where to apply for these Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travel Permit is applied when you are entering Lhasa or TAR.
Alien’s Permit is applied when you entering unopened areas in TAR.
Military Permit is applied when you are entering military sensitive areas in TAR.
Tibet Group Visa is applied when you are entering Lhasa via Nepal.

Who Wants a Tibet Entry Permit?

All overseas citizens (non-Chinese passport holders) require a Tibet Entry Permit to enter Tibet. Chinese individuals living overseas want to make an application for the permit if holding a non-Chinese passport.
Taiwan residents also need to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit.
Hong Kong and Macau residents do not want a Tibet Entry Permit, however Chinese SAR passports and Home Yield Permits (or even Mainland Travel Permits) are required.

  1. China visa or Tibet Group visa (If you enter Tibet via Nepal)
  2. Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)
  3. Alien’s Travel Permit (ATP/also called PSB permit)
  4. Military permit (need to apply along with TTP)



With your deposit, the following information must also be submitted, in full, for each member of your group, to secure your Tibet travel permits:

  1. Full name
  2. Gender
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Passport number
  5. Nationality
  6. Occupation

The above information should exactly match the information on your passport. Your occupation is also necessary because journalists and people that may be involved in political matters could have their permits revoked. (A more complicated procedure is then required to get a permit). Please send us copies of all traveler’s passports, Chinese VISAs and work permit copies, if you have a job in China. Scans must be under 300 kb for easy download. Once we receive your deposit, we will make all the reservations according to your itinerary within one week. We will send you a confirmation letter when all bookings are secured.

If you want to venture into the “restricted” areas, you will need an Alien’s Travel Permit (known as PSB Permit), issued by the Public Security Bureau (PSB). We will tell you if you need one and we can help prepare it for you. As of August 2009, individual tourists are not allowed in Tibet (this could change depending on the political situation), and you are highly recommended to work with a travel agency.

High ends such as Journalist, Government officials, Medias, Diplomats are not able to obtain their Tibet Permit from an ordinary Tibetan travel agent in Lhasa. The government department can only obtain Tibet Permit for these categories.

Tibet Group Visa is needed to apply if you can be planning to enter Tibet via Nepal and according to the recent changes. If you are looking to visit then contact us for the Budget Tibet Tour experience.

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