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Tenpa Tenzin

Travel Coordinator and Guide


Tenpa Tenzin is from the Minyak region of Kham and currently lives in the village of Dora, in Penbushi Township. He speaks English, Tibetan (Lhasa and Kham dialects), and Chinese. Tenpa is in charge of organizing trips throughout the Kham region and is one of our most versatile tour guides, acting as a trip organizer, guide, driver, and cook. Tenpa’s great sense of humor, humility, hard work, and warm, outgoing personality are just some of the reasons Tenpa is the ideal travel guide for Minyak tours. Tenpa and his family warmly welcome everyone to their home and make visitors part of the family by mingling, cooking, and sharing daily activities.

Tenpa’s Hometown

Minyak is a region in the eastern part of greater Kham. The Tibetans who live there have a local dialect different from the language of the Khampa (the people of Kham). The Minyak region is known for its famous mountains, including the holy mountain Minyak Gongkar. There are also few traditional monasteries, ancient murals, and historical sites, including 600-year-old watchtowers. The Minyak area receives few tourists, making it an ideal location for cultural immersion and free exploration. Conscious Journeys offers homestays and community visits for travelers interested in the Minyak region of Tibet, that is now part of Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. If you are interested in visiting Tenpa’s home region of Tibet, we recommend that you explore Kham Tibetan Homestay Tour.

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