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Chatue is a Tibetan herder, driver, guide, and host from Yoloshi Village, the basecamp of famous Gongkar Mountain (Ch: Gongga). He first hosted Conscious Journeys homestays in 2011. Although Chatue did not have an opportunity to pursue a formal education in a school, he studied Chinese and Tibetan on his own. He learned on-the-job hospitality service skills, such as communicating with tourists, preparing meals, and homestay etiquette, in order to host travellers. With now 13 years of experience, Chatue has become a go-to person for many Chinese researchers and travellers in the region. This has led him to serve on an Ecological Conservation Committee that promotes responsible tourism and environmental protection for the region. As part of his future plan, Chatue wishes to learn English, build a guesthouse, and continue to provide authentic nomadic homestay experiences for travellers.

Chatue’s Hometown

Yoloshi is a village at the foot of sacred Mount Minyak Gongkar (7556 meters/24,790 feet). The Kham Tibetan Homestay Tour, provided by Conscious Journeys, offers homestay experiences around a monastery in Tagong, the farming community in Dora, and the nomadic area in Yoloshi. If you sign up for this tour, Chatue could be your driver and host. While staying with Chatue (either at home or in a black yak-hair tent), you can enjoy trekking, hiking, horseback riding, biking, and volunteering. If you are a serious trekker, you would enjoy a trek trip from 3 to 14 days around Gongkar Mountain.

Chatue’s Homestown Yoloshi

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