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Conscious Journeys is a Tibetan service organization dedicated to creating economic opportunities in the tourism industry on the Tibetan Plateau. We do it by improving the destination communities, creating market access, and supporting employment training opportunities. Conscious Journeys is founded by Tamdin Wangdu, the founder of the Tibetan Village Project and a Tibet development specialist, who has been over 18-years being a bridge between his native home Tibet and his adopted home in Colorado. 


Being a leader in the tourism development, Conscious Journeys employs the most qualified, reputable, dedicated, and reliable Tibetans. All of our staff speak several languages and local dialects, understand cross-cultural communications, see themselves as ambassadors for Tibetan people, and are deeply committed to service above all.


While any tour company can show you the sights, Conscious Journeys allows you to see, touch, taste, and experience life in Tibet. Whether you are on a private tour, in a small group, or part of a service trip, our staff will welcome you in their hearts, homes and communities. Our website offers itineraries that you can book directly and we will be happy to customize an adventure journey that meets your needs.

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We are a social enterprise that is established as a community based travel company that contributes to the development of the new tourism industry based on need, availability of resources, and participation from local communities. We pay fair wages, share profits, and and support much-needed projects in their communities. Ultimately, we strive to work toward measuring our impact using the triple bottom-line: culture, environment and economic improvements as a result of the experiences we offer.

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Letter from Founder

Being Tibetans, we are proud of our rich heritage and want to share our culture and beautiful country with you. If you are interested in visiting Tibet and learning about its amazing history, culture and people, Conscious Journeys is your bridge to that experience. I hope you find this website useful for planning your next visit to Tibet.

I grew up in a semi-nomadic village in Central Tibet where going up and down a 13,000 feet mountain was a daily chore for a yak herder. Collecting mushrooms and firewood on the mountain allowed us to enjoy legendary stories from elders around an evening fire. Racing horses, dancing, chanting, and playing on the grassland are integral parts of the Tibetan way of life that I wish to share and preserve.

After I came to the United States, I naturally became a spokesperson for Tibet and many of my friends and supporters wanted to visit my homeland and often asked for travel advice. At the same time, many of my friends in Tibet asked me to send visitors to Tibet. After several years of this matchmaking, it became apparent that guides need training and assistance in bridging communication and cross-cultural barriers. Through the efforts of the Tibetan Village Project and its partners, we have trained over 200 Tibetan tourism professionals and established Conscious Journeys.

I am pleased that Conscious Journeys is able to serve as a bridge between the cultures of East and West that are part of my life. We have created itineraries around Tibetan homestays, spiritual and cultural immersion and volun-tourism. We aim to provide an authentic travel experience while supporting travelers with information and support. I invite you to learn more about Conscious Journeys and consider embarking on your next journey to Tibet – I feel confident it will be a trip that will open your heart and mind forever.

Tashi Delek (Greetings)


Tamdin Wangdu, Executive Director

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