2018 Tibet Travel Activities

A Tibetan Travel Company Introduces Unique Activities For 2018 Travel Season

Conscious Journeys, a Tibetan adventure travel company introduces unique Tibet travel experiences that including wildlife such as birdwatching, spiritual pilgrimage, volunteer opportunities, and Tibetan homestays. “We understand that many people don’t want miss some of the most popular places in Tibet include Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Everest Basecamp, but there some hidden experiences that only local Tibetan guide knows,” says Tenpa, a Tibet guide from Kham. If you’re interested in birdwatching, you may want to learn how to choose scopes for birdwatching to make sure you get the most out of your birdwatching experience.

2018 Tibet Travel Activities

Wildlife: Tibet is best known for its spectacular mountains, unique wildlife, and beautiful wildflowers on the nomadic grasslands. Let our Tibetan guides take on Trekking & Hiking places like Kailash and Everest Basecamps, a nature tour to see wildflowers on the nomadic grasslands, a Tibet Photography tour of wildlife, or Birdwatching with local conservationists in places like Nyenpo Yurtse and Bird Island of Tsonyonpo (Qinghai Lake).

tibet wildlife tour

Spiritual: Discover the spiritual transcendence of Tibet’s sacred places and the rich cultural heritage of Tibetan Buddhism. Whether you are part of a dharma center or a meditation group or simply exploring your own path to spirituality, embark with us on a special Spiritual Pilgrimage to Tibet.

spiritual tourism in tibet

Service: Conscious Journeys is founded on the idea of “getting more out by giving back to local communities.” Travellers will experience just that. Unique service journeys for all ages, skills sets, and fitness level from a few days to 2 weeks. They include dental missions, medical missions, general volunteer missions, and programs for high school and college students, along with homestay experiences.

Tibet Dental Camp by conscious journeys

Homestay: Enjoy a comfortable Tibetan homestay in the nomadic and farming communities or monasteries of Tibet. People will learn first-hand from the local Tibetans about their culture, history, customs, and traditions in the intimacy of their homes and daily lives. This is one of the best ways to experience Tibet. Travelers can go directly to your host sites or be part of a Tibetan Homestay Tour.

Breakfast and Goodby at Chadu’s

Festivals: If people were to use the Tibetan lunar calendar, as Tibetans do, It is not an exaggeration to say that Tibetan lives are filled with festivals and rituals, as there is something to celebrate all the time. Conscious Journeys invite travelers to dress up like Tibetans do on the festival day and experience some of the bigger Local Festivals such as Saga Dawa, Tibet’s holiest month; Shoton, Tibet’s Yogurt Festival; and horse racing.

Tibet Festival Tour - Tibet Travel Agency

Family: Do you feel that your sense of adventure disappeared just because of kids? A Tibet Family Tour that can be adjusted to fit your need for travel pace, lodging, and food and everything else in between. Travellers can have a more relaxed Tibet adventure in and around Lhasa, take a hike on a grassland with nomads, or stay in a village for a few days and let your children play with kids at an orphanage.

Family Tour Tibet, Visit Today!

Classic: Whether travelers are considering a Tibetan homestay, learning about arts and culture, visiting monasteries, or simply wanting to experience living and breathing Tibetan culture as it unfolds, a Tibetan cultural tour with us will be a very special Tibet trip. Some of the most popular places in Tibet include Lhasa, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Samye, and Shigatse and are featured in our Holy Lhasa, Taste of Tibet, Sacred Tibet, and Everest Basecamp.

Classic Tour in Tibet - Tibet Travel Agency

Active: Let your Tibetan guide show you the most popular Tibet active activities such as Trekking & Hiking, Nature Tour, and Photography Journey along with the best kept secret places that only locals know. Hike like Tibetan nomads on the Tagong Grasslands, a trek like the pilgrims around Kailash, cross Ganden-Samye passes like the yak caravans do, or raise prayer flags at the Everest Basecamp.

Active Journeys - Tibet

Tibet Travel Agency: Conscious Journeys is a Tibetan owned and operated social enterprise travel company that provides authentic travel experiences to Tibet and invests in local communities. They offer an incredible range of experiences with customized trips for everyone and 2018 Tibet Travel Activities will is a good place to start. Sign-up for a Tibet Trip today.

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