Volunteer experience abroad helping children

Volunteer abroad and
help those in need

If you are looking to have a good impact when you travel and enjoy
meeting new people and cultures, you are at the right place.

Happy volunteer abroad

Where should you volunteer abroad? Not all humanitarian programs are suitable for everyone. You might required previous experience or knowledge in certain cooperation programs. Feel free to read our guide to know more!

Experience international
volunteering the right way

We think that the willingness to explore the world and meet new people is compatible with the ability to help local communities! We have selected programs with a proven record of great and sustainable impact.

Organic farmer volunteering for accommodation

Volunteering programs

We offer different programs where you can travel, see the world and still make a great impact on people! Choose the one that adapts best to you.

Volunteer roles abroad

Volunteer roles

Almost everybody can volunteer! Check different roles and choose the one that matches your skills and needs the best.

Animals and nature

Discover opportunities to help in sustainable farms, learn permaculture or shelter and protect wild animals.

European Solidarity Corps

Find social and humanitarian projects to help people in need abroad. *For people aged 18-30.

Volunteering overseas

Take a look at of the examples of past volunteering programs we have captured

Volunteer helping
social project abroad
volunteer humanitarian aid with children
volunteer abroad in schools
social project abroad
organic farm volunteers abroad